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Luxury bags and luggage for men

Men’s luxury bags of the Paolo Bari brand are distinguished, functional & accomplished. For those who never do things by halves.


Versatile & timeless

A leather backpack for urban man, equally efficient at work and at ease in la Dolce Vita. It unveils the best in you.

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Maverick & stylish

The perfect work bag for the modern businessman, both creative & successful in a frantic life.

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Elegant & rough

Splendour in all simplicity For modern world’s conquerors. It is designed to last & keep you company wherever you go.

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Italian make

Every Paolo Bari item was handmade in Italy in vegetally tanned full grain leather by Napoli craftsmen able to combine ancestral know-how & technological breakthrough.

We are very proud of our production line which respects, both workers & quality all the way up from Belgian design to Italian completion.


The story behind the brand

Halfway between study & boxing, thoughtfulness & arrogance, Belgium & Italy, ire & joy of life, Paolo Bari drew on these contrasted resources to gather the necessary determination for his compromiseless brand Paolo Bari.