Leather bags made in Italy

Italian crafstmanship in leather bags

The narrow and jumbled Napoli streets are a home to the heart of Italian craftsmanship.

We searched them to find the best suited workshops for the complexity of our bags and accessories, Paolo Bari. Mostly in family circles, our partners were able to combine nobility, tradition of the artisan and technological up-to-dateness in order to convey the best…

For men who don’t do things by halves we chose full grain leather

Each and every bag for man is mainly made from full grain leather, from Italian grown cows, treated with respect. This Italian leather then goes through vegetal tanning at Conceria Rosati, in respect of nature and tradition.

Finally the leather colour or hue is obtained through semi aniline treatment in order not to weaken our leather bags while keeping the rough touch and feel of the hide.


Paolo Bari, the unique sestersius

Every Paolo Bari item is the fruit of a long and meticulously painstaking work by three different artisans, just 20 minutes away from the heart of Naples.

The original pattern was first hand drawn by an artisan.

In the second workshop, this pattern was then placed in a silicone disc in order to undergo heat pressure. In this disc a mixing of various molten metals is being hand-poured, to get the first, untreated pieces.

Only in a third workshop will the polishing, the colouring and the finishing touches be brought to the unique Paolo Bari sestersius.


Luxury bags and luggage for men

The leather bags branded Paolo Bari are distinguished, handy and accomplished. Devoted to those who never do things by halves.