SPARTA, Elegant & Rough

Discover this leather travel bag for men

Elegant & rough, Sparta is all splendour yet all simplicity. For modern world’s conquerors. This leather travelling bag is due to last out and keep you company, wherever you may go.


50 L


L : 55 cm x H : 30 cm x W : 30 cm

This duffle bag, will stay with you during your flight


1 Kg 415 Gr.

Colours available

Additional info

It comes with a strap and protecting cover

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Full grain leather

From Italian cows only, traditionally treated and tanned at Conceria Rosati.

Jacquard weave lining

The bag’s inside offers a stylish blue and ochre design, inside a robust 790gr material.

Robust zips

Galvanised metal zips in 5 or 10 mm produced by Accessori Valvibrata in Italy.

Functional inside

So you can protect your laptop, passport, smartphone, a bottle as well as your files, or whatever you wish.

Accessories exclusively of metal

No plastic at all. The metallic parts of our leather backpacks are made in Italy of galvanised metal; colours gold or Shotgun barrel.

Unique Paolo Bari sestersius

Every item is unique, handcrafted by 3 Napoli artisan workshops in galvanised steel, Shotgun barrel or gold in colours.

The daring Sparta, best known for her legendary warriors

This city didn’t believe in walls, mounds and fortifications for protection.

Opinion leader, she could enforce her system, based on her outstanding citizens and surrendering quantity to quality. It is the very first civilisation where women and men share the same importance, endorsing the former with a role of vital importance in the social system. According to you from now on and everywhere, Sparta.


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The leather bags branded Paolo Bari are distinguished, handy and accomplished. Devoted to those who never do things by halves.