Leather bags, both unique and complementary

ROMA, Versatile & Timeless

Roma is a leather backpack for urban man, equally at ease when job efficient as when in la Dolce Vita. This bag unveils the best in you.

MILANO, Maverick & Stylish

Milano is the perfect work bag for modern businessmen, creative as well as efficient in his frantic life.

SPARTA, Elegant & Rough

Sparta is all splendour in all simplicity. For modern world’s conquerors. It was devised to last out and keep you company wherever you go.

Italian Craftmanship

Every bag is handmade in Italy and stems from know-how handed down from generation to generation.

Full grain leather, Italian manufactured accessories in galvanised steel… the Paolo Bari creations are made without compromise.

  • Full grain leather
  • Jacquard weave lining
  • Robust zip
  • Functional inside
  • Accessories and fittings in metal
  • Unique manufactured sestertius

The story behind the brand

Halfway between study & boxing, thoughtfulness & arrogance, Belgium & Italy, ire & joy of life, Paolo Bari drew on these contrasted resources to gather the necessary determination for his compromiseless brand Paolo Bari.